are you frustrated with your current website?

are you disappointed with your attendances?

not sure on how to use Social Media effectively?

fed up trying to keep up with technology?

spending too much time updating or correcting show information?

does your website make it difficult for customers to buy tickets?

We believe that the look, feel and functionality of your website are crucial elements of your business. Then using email and social media correctly to get customers to visit your website and book tickets is even more challenging

until now…

Let’s face it; It’s not like the good old days where you would put a poster up outside and run a local press ad, then sit back and wait for customers to fill your auditorium…

These days just informing your customers is not enough; now you have to engage with them using lots of different methods like the web, email and social media just to win new customers and keep them coming back…

So how on earth do you do that? There’s not enough hours in the day as it is, without having to go out there and engage with people also, not to mention that you now need to be a technical whizz and understand how the web works and become a Facebook guru just to speak to your customers…

What if we told you that you can do this easily and effectively without you having to be a technical whizz or social media savvy…

In fact we can help you…

increase attendances by reaching out to more customers

reduce mistakes and customer complaints

keep customers informed on autopilot

set things up easily with no learning curve

build a loyal audience

have a competitive edge

have a professional modern online image

improve productivity

Is your website stuck in the 1990’s?

It’s amazing that most websites are stuck in the past and do not resize on modern devices such as smart phones and tablets which make it impossible for your customers to find out what’s on and book tickets.

Most customers these days act on impulse and use their mobile phones or tablets when they are out and about to find out show times and book tickets.

Have a go yourself…try to book tickets for your business on your phone. If it is difficult for you then it is difficult for your customers who will give up frustrated or even worse book with your competitor instead.

The website we create for you is carefully crafted with your customer (and therefore your business) in mind. They look great on all shapes and sizes of screens and have a modern look and feel making it very easy to view showtimes and book tickets.

Create a Social Frenzy on Autopilot

Imagine having your show times promoted along with all of the latest hot gossip and reviews of the film, event or show and their stars…you know, all of the stuff that your customers go wild about in social media land and then send onto their friends and family…with all links going straight back to your booking page.

Inbox Delights

With carefully crafted newsletter templates your customers can receive a weekly email with all of your show information and film times automatically populating your modern professional email newsletter template.

No more typing it out yourself which saves you time and reduces mistakes.

Picture This

You want to sell tickets as quickly and easily as possible and have programmed your show(s) into your ticketing software (such as Vista, Veezi, Admit One, Savoy Systems to name a few). If you do not use any ticketing software then don’t worry; read on to find out more.

Now without lifting a finger the show times are automatically well laid out and displayed on your specially designed website where your customers can view show information and book tickets easily on their phones, tablets and computers.

Efficient & Time Effective

So just by updating your show information in one place your whole marketing machine wakes up and automatically starts Tweeting, Facebooking, Instagramming, Pinteresting etc. In fact it autoposts to over 40 networks.

Fill Your Seats

Now you will have a competitive advantage and be able to ‘engage’ with your customer far easier in a modern and professional way without taking any more time out of your day or learning any new marketing or I.T skills.

No Ticketing Software Required

If you are not using ticketing software but just want to promote your times and show information on the web as quickly and as easily as possible; you can with your own modern website where you can login to your account and update any information yourself using a very easy to use admin area.

Take Back Control

Are you relying on another company to update your website for you and frustrated by their mistakes by updating it with the wrong information and therefore annoying your customers and hurting your business. Are you taking valuable time out of your day to rectify these mistakes?

Imagine being in complete control of your own website and the information that goes on it.  No more faxing the film times off and then ringing up trying to get changes made only to be greeted by an answer phone.

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